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Nubian Dairy Goats
This is SG Windsong Farm Orchids Blossom. Purchased from Camille at Windsong Farm Nubians, she has strong
Six M Galaxy breeding and a touch of Goldthwaite the best of two worlds.  Blossom has grown up and is quite the
lady and so sweet.  She is wide with a beautiful top line and great body depth. Blossom's FF was top notch with
twins one buck and a doe, showing the Six M Galaxy quality right off.  I have pictured her dam, great dam and great
great dam for viewing.  I just love these girls this is what the Six M Galaxy genetics is all about.

Blossom is normal for G6S by parentage
SG Windsong Farm Orchids Blossom
ADGA Elite Doe 2018

N1723747             03/10/15

2017 LA Score VVEV87

S.S.  +*B SG Six M Galaxy Noel's Magi

Sire:  *B Linn farm's Magi's Maxim

S.D.  Six M Galaxy Fawn's Callista 14*M

D.S.  *B Goldthwaite Honkytonk Hero

Dam:  Truly Ranch Orchid's Bloom 14*M

D.D.  SG Six M Galaxy Truly Orchid 13*M
Truly Ranch Orchid's Bloom
Lynn Farm's Magi's Maxim
SG Six M Galaxy Truly Orchid
Great Dam
Six M Galaxy Obe's Bella
12*M  Elite Doe
Great great Dam
2017 Buck Blossom and Comet breeding
Six M Galaxy with a pinch of Goldthwaite
Buck has been sold
2doesrising Give a Little Bit
N1899627  DOB 04/17/17

Sired by Comet  6MG
She will be bred this fall for a 2019 kidding
2017 Kidding from Blossom and Comet (Six M Galaxy) produced one buck and one doe.  The quality
I see in these two is what I would expect from the 6MG genetics.  So pleased to see such quality
from day one.  As a first freshener Blossom really out did her self with these two. Six M Galaxy and
Goldthwaite genetics.   

Blossom has met all requirements for her Superior Genetics designation, this doe is just
getting started.  Excited to see what more she can do as a 2nd freshener.  She does have
some pretty big shoes to fill with the genetics that are behind her.

Blossom made the AGDA Elite Doe list for Dec. 2018