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Nubian Dairy Goats
This is SG Windsong Farm Orchids Blossom. Purchased from Camille at Windsong Farm Nubians, she has strong
Six M Galaxy breeding and a touch of Goldthwaite the best of two worlds.  Blossom has grown up and is quite the
lady and so sweet.  She is wide with a beautiful top line and great body depth. Blossom's FF was top notch with
twins one buck and a doe, showing the Six M Galaxy quality right off.  I have pictured her dam, great dam and great
great dam for viewing.  I just love these girls this is what the Six M Galaxy genetics is all about.

Blossom is normal for G6S by parentage
SG Windsong Farm Orchids Blossom
N1723747             03/10/15

2017 LA Score VVEV87

S.S.  +*B SG Six M Galaxy Noel's Magi

Sire:  *B Linn farm's Magi's Maxim

S.D.  Six M Galaxy Fawn's Callista 14*M

D.S.  *B Goldthwaite Honkytonk Hero

Dam:  Truly Ranch Orchid's Bloom 14*M

D.D.  SG Six M Galaxy Truly Orchid 13*M
Truly Ranch Orchid's Bloom
Lynn Farm's Magi's Maxim
SG Six M Galaxy Truly Orchid
Great Dam
Six M Galaxy Obe's Bella
12*M  Elite Doe
Great great Dam
2017 Buck Blossom and Comet breeding
Six M Galaxy with a pinch of Goldthwaite
Buck has been sold
2doesrising Give a Little Bit
N1899627  DOB 04/17/17

Sired by Comet  6MG
She will be bred this fall for a 2019 kidding
2017 Kidding from Blossom and Comet (Six M Galaxy) produced one buck and one doe.  The quality
I see in these two is what I would expect from the 6MG genetics.  So pleased to see such quality
from day one.  As a first freshener Blossom really out did her self with these two. Six M Galaxy and
Goldthwaite genetics.   

Blossom has met all requirements for her Superior Genetics designation, this doe is just
getting started.  Excited to see what more she can do as a 2nd freshener.  She does have
some pretty big shoes to fill with the genetics that are behind her.

Blossom did not settle to the AI breeding to 6MG Noel's comet and will remain dry until fall.