*B Windsong Farm Clyde's Comet
N1746775                         05/25/2015
2017 LA VVE87
Henpecked Farm
Nubian Dairy Goats

*B Windsong Farm Clyde's Comet.  

Comet is number two of two kids purchased from Windsong Farm Nubians.

Comet has Six M Galaxy through and through, a pedigree that I have worked hard to get.
It is packed full of star milkers with superior heavy milking genetics.  The Six M Galaxy
line is highly notable and it's milk production is unbeatable.

Comet has grown a lot in the past year.  The picture above is Comet in his full winter
attire.  He was bred to Blossom for a 2017 kidding that produced twins one buck and one
doe, a pedigree packed full of the best of the best from 6MG herd.  Comet did very well
at his first Linear Appraisal scoring a VVE87 as a two year old.

Comet is normal for G6S by parentage

Comet has been sold, wishing him the best in his new home.

S.S.  SG+*B Six M Galaxy Sunnie's Jupiter (Elite sire)

Sire:  *B Six M Galaxy Unique's Clyde
Elite Sire 2017    89 Percentile

S.D.  SG Six M Galaxy Obe's Unique
   13*M, 3X Elite  90 VE+E

D.S. +*B Six M Galaxy Leonardo

Dam:  SG Six M Galaxy Sue's Truly Sara (Elite Doe X4)
13*M  Elite Doe 2017   

D.D.  SG Six M Galaxy Mick's Sue
      12*M  Elite Doe