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These two beautiful tri-colored
bucks arrived on March 21, 2019.
They are being dam raised and
are growing fast.

The genetics on these two are
the best of two worlds. Top side
is Goldthwaite the bottom is both
Goldthwaite and Six M Galaxy.


Will be available after weaning

Birth weight:    L1    7.97    3/21/19
                      L2    6.56
First Freshener
L1 Sold
Blossom's 2019 bucklings L3, L4 and L5.  For more on Blossom see her page.  They are being dam raised and will
be available after weaning.
Six M Galaxy and Goldthwaite breeding $400.00
We will soon have available
livestock guardian puppies.  
Both parents are hard
working dogs and are good at
what they do. Maremma,
Kangel and Boz Shepard. Five
girls and four boys they will
be very big. They will be
raised with goats, chickens,
other dogs, a pony and my
grand daughter.