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Wingwood Farm Tac Magdalena (Dam)
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N1568743  DOB  05/02/2011
Senior Doe Isabella

Isabella came to me at 2 months of age in a airline crate from Wingwood Farm, what a beautiful baby she
was.  She has grown up to be tall, long and elegant. I call her my pocket doe because that is where she would
like to be.  She is a dream to milk with perfectly angled teats. She is a high production doe with longevity,
that I hate to dry her up before kidding. In five breedings she has given me 11 does and 1 buck bred too 3
different bucks. This is an awesome doe she has definitely earned the Senior doe status and she knows it.  
Isabella at 6yrs old with 5 kiddings had her first Linear Appraisal in 2017 with a score of +EE+83, not too bad
for an old lady. Isabella has been dried up for the fall season after 550 days in milk.

Isabella has been bred AI to GCH Foxwood Mccaylan for a early March 2019 kidding.
2017 Kidding 3 does by
Dezi full of color. Two
have been retained
2017 Doeling sired by Dezi,
retained and will be bred late