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N1568743  DOB  05/02/2011
Senior Doe Isabella

Isabella came to me at 2 months of age in a airline crate from Wingwood Farm, what a beautiful baby she
was.  She has grown up to be tall, long and elegant. I call her my pocket doe because that is where she would
like to be.  She is a dream to milk with perfectly angled teats. She is a high production doe with longevity,
that I hate to dry her up before kidding. In five breedings she has given me 11 does and 1 buck bred too 3
different bucks. This is an awesome doe she has definitely earned the Senior doe status and she knows it.  
Isabella 6yrs old with 5 kiddings had her first Linear Appraisal in 2017 with a score of +EE+83, not too bad for
an old lady.

Isabella did not settle with her AI breeding to Kismet Marvin's Smooth Operator for a June kidding. She will
remain open until fall.
2017 Kidding 3 does
by Dezi full of color.
All have been sold
2017 Doeling sired by Dezi