Henpecked Farm
Nubian Dairy Goats
Planned 2018 Kiddings
Pictured here is Isabella
(Wingwood)senior doe.
Shown with her two out
of three does (2017).
Isabella was bred (AI) to  
Smooth Operator  Three
blood test with 2 pos. and
the third showing open.  
We shall try again this
fall. I milk her once a day
she is at 502 DIM giving
3.7at last test day. Lets
see how far she can go
SG Windsong Farm
Orchids Blossom

She was bred to
Goldthwaite It's all about me
Due in July

We were not successful with the
AI breeding to 6MG Noel's Comet

planned pedigree
2doesrising Tiny
Dancer was bred to
Goldthwaite It's All
About Me and
kidded with 2 bucks
and 1 doe

Two bucks and one doe all are available