Henpecked Farm
Nubian Dairy Goats
2020 Kidding season
SG Windsong Farm Orchids Blossom 15*M, ADGA Elite Doe

Blossom has been bred (AI) to Six M Galaxy C. Horizon (1982 buck)
Coming up on 30 days. She will be tested when the time comes.
Fingers and toes crossed.
Little Bit
2doesrising Annette Banegas

Annette was bred (AI) too Alpha Centauri Lamplighter.
She did not settle, will try again.
Goldthwaite Basilan's Dream (FF)

Dreamer was bred too
2doesrising Sweet Addition
Goldthwaite Sisters

Black doe is Dreamer
Black and White doe is Flower
Goldthwaite Wildflower

No decision has been made for
her breeding, which will come
any day. Lots of Goldthwaite
waiting in the tank
2doesrising Give A Little Bit (A Blossom daughter)

Little Bit has been bred (AI) to Faith-Farm Eden's Testimony
(1991 buck)
Coming up on 30 days she will be tested when the time comes.
Keeping fingers and toes crossed.