Henpecked Farm
Nubian Dairy Goats
2020 Kidding season
SG Windsong Farm Orchids Blossom 15*M, ADGA Elite Doe

Blossom has been bred (AI) too *B Six M Galaxy C. Horizon (1982 buck)
She has been confirmed pregnant due to kid May 8, 2020.

*B Six M Galaxy C. Horizon is the sire of:

*B Six M Galaxy Obsidian
*B Six M Galaxy Milo

Blossom Kidded with 2 bucks
Little Bit
Goldthwaite Sisters

Black doe is Dreamer
Black and White doe is Flower
Goldthwaite Wildflower

She has been bred (AI)
too Goldthwaite Prince
Valient.  Due June 8th
Dreamer was bred too
2doesrising Sweet Addition,
home bred buck. Kidded on
May 15th with 2-does and a
buck. Frosted ear doe has
been sold.
Little Bit was bred (AI) too
Faith-Farm Eden's Testimony.
Kidded 4/28/20,  2 bucks and a doe.
First successful (AI) kidding
awesome kids, look at those legs.

Planned breeding
M1 doe SOLD
M3 buck available
M2 buck retained