Henpecked Farm
Nubian Dairy Goats
2021 Kidding season
SG Windsong Farm Orchids
15*M, ADGA Elite Doe

Blossom was bred too Goldthwaite
It's All About Me.
Goldthwaite Wildflower

Bred (AI) to Goldthwaite Black Wizard

Due April 8th
2Doesrising Give A Little

Bred (AI) to Six M Galaxy
Noel's Comet

Due April 6, 2021
2Doesrising Annette Banegas

Bred to Goldthwaite It's All
About Me

Due March 29, 2021
2Doesrising Tiny Dancer

She has been bred (AI) to The
Shadow Vale Lunar Odyssey

Due April 30th
From the looks of it we will have an assortment of kids from great bucks
of the past.  I tried to pick a buck that would add something too each of
the girls. Such a hard choice too make having some very nice bucks too
choose from in the tanks.  Very excited to see whats to come.

Also livestock guardian puppies coming soon.  Maremma, Anatolian
shepard, Kangel cross.  This is Cotton's second and last breeding to the
same sire. First litter has been outstanding taking their jobs seriously.