Henpecked Farm
Nubian Dairy Goats
2Doesrising Give A Little Bit
*B Wingsong Farm Clyde's Comet
2Doesrising Give A Little Bit  
N1899627   DOB  04/17/2017

S.S. +*B SG Six M Galaxy Unique's Clyde (Elite Sire)

Sire: *B Windsong Farm Clyde's Comet  (LA2017)

S.D. SG Six M Galaxy Sue's Truly Sara 13*M (Elite Doe)

D.S.  SG *B Linn Farm's Magi's Maxim (Elite Sire)

Dam: SG Windsond Farm Orchids Blossom 15*M (Elite Doe)

D.D. Truly Ranch Orchid's Bloom 14*M
SG Windsong Farm Orchids Blossom 15*M
Elite Doe
Little Bit as a doeling
Little bit has been on the sales list in the past, but so glad she never sold,
what a dream.  What a nice doe to milk, she is a bit smaller then I like, but
makes up for that in other areas.