Henpecked Farm Nubian
Dairy Goats
2Doesrising Give A Little Bit
*B Wingsong Farm Clyde's Comet
2Doesrising Give A Little Bit  
N1899627   DOB  04/17/2017

 S.S. +*B SG Six M Galaxy Unique's Clyde (Elite Sire)

Sire: *B Windsong Farm Clyde's Comet  (LA2017)

 S.D. SG Six M Galaxy Sue's Truly Sara (Elite Dam)

 D.S.  *B Linn Farm's Magi's Maxim

Dam: SG Windsond Farm Orchids Blossom (Elite Doe)

  D.D. Truly Ranch Orchid's Bloom
SG Windsong Farm Orchids Blossom
(Elite doe Dec. 2018)
Little Bit kidded with two bucks on March 21, 2019.
Beautiful tri-colored boys, both have been sold.
Little Bit as a doeling