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Goldthwaite It's All About Me
Goldthwaite It's All About Me
N1746985    DOB  04/15/2015

2017 LA EEE90

         S.S.  CH*B Goldthwaite Jewellburt

Sire:  *B Goldthwaite Einkorn

          S.D. SG Goldthwaite Amaranth

          D.S.  SG++*B  Goldthwaite Bootonniere

Dam:  SG Goldthwaite Lady Emma

          D.D.  SG Goldthwaite Lady Brie
I was lucky enough to meet Beverly Goldthwaite at the Oregon National Show (2015), where I
picked up this handsome fellow, it was like meeting a celebrity.  Beverly has been breeding,
showing and milking dairy goats for over 40 years. Her emphasis has always been on dairy, high
production and most of all longevity.  The Goldthwaite lines are known for their correct body type,
excellent mammaries, temperament and nicely angled teats for easy milking. You can always
count on a Goldthwaite. Hoping to add more Goldthwaite genetics.  I am so pleased to have this
Goldthwaite buck in my herd, Thank you Beverly.

Sunny did outstanding at his first Linear Appraisal scoring a EEE90 2017.

Sunny tested normal for G6S

*B Goldthwaite Einkorn
(Sire) Deceased
SG Goldthwaite Lady Emma