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Nubian Dairy Goats
Lynnhaven Timeless Desert
N1710072     DOB  03/09/2014

Sire:  CH * B Kastdemur's Timeless

Dam: Lynnhaven FE Desert Mirage

2017  LA score  VVV88

Dezi has been Sold

Goldthwaite It's All About Me
N1746985      DOB 04/15/2015

S.S:  CH*B Goldthwaite Jewellburt

Sire:  *B Goldthwaite Einkorn

      S.D:  SG Goldthwaite Amaranth

      D.S:  SG ++*B Goldthwaite Bootonniere

Dam:  SG Goldthwaite Lady Emma

      D.D:  SG Goldthwaite Lady Brie

DNA on file
Tested Normal G6S
Alpha-s1Casein Result  B/B
2017 LA score EEE90
*B Windsong Farm Clyde's Comet
N1746775      DOB  05/25/2015

Sire:  *B Six M Galaxy Unique's Clyde

Dam:  SG Six M Galaxy Sue's Truly Sara
13*M    AR2010      LA2010

2017 LA score VVE87

Comet has been sold
I want a strong foundation with tried and true lines from well known breeders like Six M Galaxy, Goldthwaite and Kastdemur's.  There
are so many well known breeders that are right up there with the best but these are my favorite. I am pleased and excited about the
collection of outstanding bucks I have worked so hard to get.  I invite you to take a look at the boys and their outstanding pedigrees.

You may click on a bucks picture and go to his personal page.
The Boys