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2Doesrising Annette Banegas  N1914910  
2Doesrising Sophia Banegas   N1914911

DOB  03/04/2017

   S.S. *B CH Kastdemur's Timeless

Sire: Lynnhaven Timeless Desert (LA2017)

   S.D. Lynnhaven FE Desert Mirage

    D.S. ++*B SG Wingwood Farm Vista's Tao

Dam:  Wingwood Farm to Montana Bella

     D.D. SG Wingwood Farm Tac Magdelena 1*M

two of three sisters
These girls are out of Isabella by Dezi.  Isabella kidded with three girls all of which were sold as weanlings.  Late summer of 2018 around a year
since I had sold these two. I received a call asking me to take the girls back (family problems) I agreed and was very happy to do so. At that time I
had no daughters from Isabella or Dezi as all were sold.  Late that summer Dezi was sold and in November Isabella became sick and I lost her in
January.  So I am so please to have these beauties to carry on.  Annette has been breed to Sunny for a spring kidding.  
Goldthwaite Wildflower  N1972834
Goldthwaite Basilan's Dream N1972835
DOB  03/20/2018  2 of 3 sisters

    S.S  *B CH Goldthwaite Jewellburt

Sire: *B Goldthwaite Einkorn

     S.D. SG Goldthwaite Amaranth 9*M

     D.S   +*B SG Goldthwaite Orpheus

Dam:  SG Goldthwaite Basilan 5*M

      D.D.  SG Goldthwaite Lady Brie 4*M

During 2017 I had the opportunity to lease the beautiful doe SG Goldthwaite Basilan which had been bred to
*B Goldthwaite Einkorn (deceased and also sire to my Sunny).  These two are the result of that breeding.  I am still
pinching my self because I just can't believe it.  These two are so sweet and are growing fast.  
                                                                                       Thank you!  Beverly