Henpecked Farm
Nubian Dairy Goats
Welcome to Henpecked Farm. We are a small self  
sustainable farm nestled at the foot of the Swan
Mountain range in the Flathead Valley of Montana.
Where we enjoy spending time with our animals.  We
raise Purebred Nubian dairy goats along with several
laying hens, also included are four LGD's

Here at Henpecked Farm you will find that our herd
is small but never lacks in quality. We worked hard
to gather a select few to build the strong foundation
herd we have today. With genetics from well know
breeders such as Six M Galaxy, Goldthwaite and
Kastdemurs. The advancement from many years of
selective breeding that these breeders have done are
well documented and can be seen in the Nubians we
have today.  

We not only wanted a good looking doe that would be
tall, elegant and correct. We also wanted high milk
production with ease of milking.

The herd has been on DHIA since 2016.
First year for Linear Appraisal 2017
Whole herd normal for G6S by test/parentage
All animals are fed a Non-GMO organic diet.
Pam Capagli
30390 Loon Lake Road
Bigfork, Montana 59911

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