Wingwood Farm to Montana Bella        
N1568743             05/02/2011

2017 LA +EE+ 83

S.S  *B Kastdemur's Hasta La Vista,   (Elite sire)

Sire: +*B SG Wingwood Farm Vista's Tao (Elite sire)

S.D. SGCH Windwood Farm KR Taipei 3*M

  D.S. ++*B SG Wingwood Farm Real Tactitian 2-06 EX 90 VEE

Dam: SG Wingwood Farm Tac Magdalena 1*M

 D.D. Wingwood Farm Tim's Veracruz

Pedigree Isabella
Isabella and her 2013 doelings her 1st
Breeder of Purebred
Nubians Dairy Goats

SG Windsong Farm Orchids Blossom      
N1723747               03/10/2015

2017 LA VVEV87

S.S.    SG +*B Six M Galaxy Noel's Magi (Elite sire)

Sire:  *B Linn Farm's Magi's Maxim

S.D.   Six M Galaxy Fawn's Callista  14*M

D.S   *B Goldthwaite Honkytonk Hero         

Dam:  Truly Ranch Orchid's Bloom  14*M  

D.D.       SG Six M Galaxy Truly Orchid  13*M

Pedigree Blossom
Henpecked Farm
Nubian Dairy Goats
The Girls
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SG Goldthwaite Lady Brie
N001518134    04/09/2010              Two doelings 1/9/18 both will be retained

S.S.  Goldthwaite Black Magic                          
Sire:  Goldthwaite Magic                   
S.D.  SGCH Goldthwaite Talapoosa

D.S.  Goldthwaite M M Andalusia

Dam:  Goldthwaite Briannca

D.D.  Goldthwaite Brianna X

Pedigree Lady Brie
Planned pedigree
SG Goldthwaite Basilan
N001602601   04/18/2012

S.S.  Goldthwaite Bootonniere

Sire:  Goldthwaite Orpheus

S.D.  Goldthwaite Jewella

D.S. Goldthwaite Magic

Dam:  Goldthwaite Lady Brie

D.D. Goldthwaite Brianca

Pedigree Basilan
Planned Pedigree
Henpecked Farm would like to welcome these two Goldthwaite ladies on loan from Beverly Goldthwaite, such an
honor, thank you Beverly.  Can't wait to add some more Goldthwaite Genetics to the program.
3 doelings